Who we are

Your Trusted Foam Supplier
Leveraging over 50 years of industry experience, UNI-GLORY stands out as a seasoned leader in foam conversion. Our commitment to excellence is reinforced by a dedicated team of quality assurance experts, ensuring the highest standards in every facet of production.

Collaborating with over 20 prestigious brands, UNI-GLORY has earned a reputation for reliability and innovation. As a professional foam converting factory, our focus extends beyond mere production. We specialize in material development, intricate product design, swift prototyping, and rigorous testing, seamlessly transforming innovative concepts into full-scale production reality.

At UNI-GLORY, we pride ourselves on our adaptability and versatility. Our cutting-edge facilities offer a spectrum of processing options, allowing us to tailor our services to meet the unique requirements of our customers in the dynamic landscape of product development.

What we do

Precision Crafting of Diverse Foam Products
We are dedicated to the manufacture of marine deck "TREKDEK", insoles, knee pads and other products. Our machining capabilities include CNC, laser, skiving, thermo-molding, lamination etc.

TREKDEK is UNIGLORY’s marine brand, which is focused on the production and supply of foam for marine decking in the USA, APAC and EU regions.

TREKDEK is a great alternative to carpet, molded non-skid or teak flooring on all types of marine craft. Made from lightweight closed-cell foam, TREKDEK provides comfort for bare feet, excellent traction in all conditions, whilst being durable, low maintenance and easy to clean.