Foam Converting


The CNC foam decking service would leverage the capabilities of CNC machines to provide efficient and customized solutions for clients seeking precise and well-designed foam decking materials.

Adhesive Backing for Foam

Self-adhesive and easy to install firm and easy to fall off.

Laser Engraving

Laser engraving offers a high level of precision, allowing for the faithful reproduction of intricate details, and it can mark the logo onto the surface of the foam material.


The embossing process on the foam surface.


The heated foam is then placed into a mold or shaped using a mold or other forming equipment. The mold is designed to give the foam its desired shape.

Non-slip brushed

The EVA foam surface with a non-slip brushed.


Using a grooved machine allows for the creation of custom grooves or textures on the surface of foam to meet specific design requirements.